Why Am I Proud To Be Irish?

We are renowned for our love of partying. I am definitely proud of this, but that is not all! Here is my list of reasons why I am proud to be Irish.

ireland HistoryHistory:  Ireland has a very colorful history. Centuries of oppression and colonial rule led to rebellions like War of Independence, the Civil War and the Easter Rising. At that time, inspiring leaders like Michael Collins and Padraic Pearse were also born. I am proud to have those leaders in my country. Here I would like to mention that those times might have been a troubled time, but I am sure that living in that era was quite exciting. The inhabitants of those times were able to see people so passionate about a cause.

FashionFashion: We are a stylish bunch of people. In fact Irish designers have been making waves at Fashion Weeks all over the world. They are the ones who have influenced celebrity style. The work of Simone, the daughter of John Rocha, was highly applauded at London Fashion Week. I can even go on with more, but I think you have got the picture.

Penneys: Let us be honest here. Half of us would have been walking naked if it wasn’t Penneys. It first opened its store in 1969 in Dublin before moving to UK in 1970s. Nowadays it has revamped its image. It is no more a cheap store that used to sell the basics to people. Its rival is high-street gems like River Island and Topshop and nowadays it is stocking the current trends but at a very affordable price. Although I don’t know how much true this is but once I heard that an immigrant started to think Penneys to be a word meaning thank you because that was the response she used to get whenever she complimented on someone’s outfit.

Irish MusicIrish Music: A very few countries in the world can boast their own genre of music. Ireland is one such country. Irish music dates back to 921BC and incorporates many instruments unique to Ireland like the tin whistle, bodhran, harp, uileann pipes and accordions. However, the contemporary artists and bands of Ireland also deserve mention – the Dubliners, U2 and Van Morrison are the bands who I love hearing even now. And as far as Irish artists are concerned, I would love to go with Delorentos, Heathers, Snow Patrol, Bressie and Damien Rice.

Guest Author: Syan is an inhabitant of Ireland. She lives in Dublin and hates people opening their mouth when they complain about the recession, government, weather or whatever is bothering them in Ireland. She has a patriotic feeling towards her country and thus loves writing blog about Ireland, its history, culture etc. Here she writes about why she feels proud to be Irish.


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