Different Reasons Of Weight Gain And How Acupuncture Can Help To Reduce It?

Weight Gain And  AcupunctureGaining weight is a common phenomenon for women over 30 years of age. Although becoming overweight or obese is not a great thing to experience, many women do not exactly know how to lose it. Many people take weight loss pills for burning fat but they are not good to take. Some think dieting is enough whereas many other people think exercising, walking and running to be the only solutions for losing weight. Dieting and exercising actually goes together. None can reduce fat or weight without doing both these things- it is true but this is also true that in modern scenario working ladies hardly get time to walk or go to the gym for burning their unwanted fats. For all of them who do not like to visit gym or do not get time for exercise they can go for a substitute solution called acupuncture.

Any good weight loss process starts with a good digestive system. If you are having problems regarding constipation, tiredness or bloating it is the sign that your digestive system is not working properly. It becomes essential to work on the specific acupuncture points. Working on the specific acupuncture points on women body showed a positive impact on womens health in Northern Beaches, Australia.

Here I have discussed about the different reasons of weight gain and how acupuncture can help in reducing it and make you look slim and fit.

Craving for food: Improper digestion will provoke you to have foods those have sugar and starch in plenty of amount in them. This sugar and starch will get stored as fat inside the body. Stimulation on acupuncture points helps to reduce the appetite.

Abnormal eating: When we are stressed we tend to eat in a way that looks quite abnormal. We eat more foods due to frustration. This can be controlled by working on the endorphins (known as happy hormones) through acupuncture.

Increased metabolism: When our digestive system works properly our metabolism rate increases and what’s the result? We burn more amounts of calories. Good metabolism does not allow settling down fats within the body.

Period problem: Acupuncture can resolve the issue of pain and cramps at the time of period. In fact there are even many women who tend to gain weight during the time. Acupuncture is done to balance endocrine and reduce water retention.

Stress: Cortisol hormone flows abundantly when we experience stress constantly. This hormone is responsible for improper digestive system and weight gain. Expert acupuncture therapists works on the part of adrenal gland to reduce production of cortisol and increase endorphins.


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