Different Ways to Preserve Flowers

Different Ways to Preserve FlowersFlowers are the most common gift for any occasion. You may receive it no matter what the occasion is-whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other occasion. If you love flowers and want to preserve it for long, then here are a few tactics, which you can use. Using these techniques will definitely help you to preserve them for a longer span of time.

Hairspray: This is a very popular way of preserving flowers. It helps hold them firm and prevents wilting for an extra few days. If you are not aware of this technique, here it is for you. First you need to remove the flowers from vase. Using spray on them while they are in vase results in flowers sticking on it. While using the spray, keep in mind to apply it a few inches away from flowers. If you use them from very close, the force of the spray may damage the beautiful thing. Then hang them upside down in a ventilated place. This will not only help them in the drying process but also help them maintain their looks and color. After doing all these things, you need to keep the flowers again in the vase. Make sure to reapply the hairspray every day using the same technique mentioned above in order to keep them looking like new.

Pressing: It is a very easy way to preserve flowers. Unglazed paper like newspaper is best for this process. You first need to spread flowers so that they don’t overlap between various thicknesses of the paper. Then layers of flowers and papers can be developed and covered with a cardboard piece before pressing down with something heavy. The time needed to dry depends on tissue content or size of flower. Flowers that can be pressed include bleeding heart, aster, English daisy, chrysanthemum, marigold, rose, zinnia and many others.

Hanging: Hanging is one of the easiest ways that you can use to preserve flowers. But to do that you first need to remove all the leaves and then hang upside down in a dark, dry place until the content of moisture is reduced greatly. A closet, attic or a pantry is mostly the best place for this work. Suggested flowers for hanging include goldenrod, celosia, hydrangeas, strawflowers, baby’s breath, salvia and many others.

So, the next time you can get an online flower delivery in Churchill for your birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, you can use any of the three ways mentioned above if you want to preserve them for longer.


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