What Type of Flowers Should You Send As Sympathy and Funeral Flowers?

funeral-flowersThere are different factors, which can help you in determining what type of funeral or sympathy flower arrangements you should send. It may depend upon your relation with the deceased, the kind of floral tributes the family of the deceased are ordering, whether the occasion will be attended by you or not and the amount of money that you wish to spend for buying these flowers.

Usually shaped wreath tributes or casket sprays are the ones that an immediate family selects as their floral tribute. Although there are a few kinds of flowers which are more commonly used and popular in floral arrangements, any kind of flowers may be used for the funeral flower tributes.

In most of the countries, white chrysanthemum is used in sympathy or funeral floral arrangements. The reason why white is so popular is it spreads any color that’s desired and it even denotes honesty and truth. Double chrysanthemums are also used and are popular. They are mainly used for names, pillows and massed wreaths.

Roses are also quite popular when it comes to funeral and sympathy flowers. White are the most common. They symbolize peace. Yellow roses represent remembrance; pink roses indicate grace, femininity and elegance.

Another traditional funeral and sympathy flower is lily. It’s the white longiflorum lilies that are mostly used as sympathy and funeral flowers. Other kinds of lilies are even available but they are not used as much as this variety for the purpose.  Carnations are even traditional funeral and sympathy flowers. Massed in red, these flowers have a charming visual appeal. But they are costlier than chrysanthemums and are not used much.

Because the kind of funeral and sympathy flowers comes from heart, your decision of choosing the flower for the occasion must reflect your feelings for the deceased. The colors you choose must set the tone of condolence message that you want to convey.

If you need assistance with regards to what kind of floral arrangement to choose or have questions about sending sympathy flowers, get in touch with the expert florist in Newborough.


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