Acupuncture Helps Women to Conceive

acupuncture & womanThere have been many evidences that acupuncture can help if you are undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). Basically acupuncture is based on the theory that a vital energy known as qi flows through body along the pathways known as meridians. Acupuncturists try rebalancing this energy flow. They stimulate some points along the body’s meridians inserting a few fine needles. Reviews available on the topic proved that rates of conception were improved a lot during IVF treatment.

But how does this natural therapy work? Some of the fertility experts in Northern Beaches think that it increases the flow of blood to uterus and relaxes the muscles. The blood-rich uterus wall having relaxed muscle fibers usually gives the embryos a much better opportunity of implanting. There are even some experts who think that acupuncture works by helping you feel less stressed and relaxed. Acupuncturists say that the natural therapy helps in regulating the menstrual cycle if there are irregular periods.

Ultimately, it does not matter whether the success of this therapeutic treatment is a placebo effect. The main thing is that acupuncture is safe and there are many benefits of this treatment.

  • Improved rates of pregnancy during IVF treatment cycles especially if acupuncture takes place on the very day of embryo transfer
  • Reduced anxiety levels and stress
  • Increased flow of blood to uterus leading to improved endometrial lining
  • Improvement in ovulation
  • Eliminates underlying inflammation
  • Improves quality, motility, density and sperm count in men

Always look for a qualified and registered acupuncturist if you are having fertility problems and want it to get treated with this therapeutic process.

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