How to Use Flowers While Decorating Your Wedding Venue?

Wedding Venue with flowersIt’s true that we have become fond of pom-poms and bunting these days but flowers are still the #1 way of decorating a wedding venue. They have the ability to change the entire feel of a room. In fact, they can be used in everything on a wedding day right from the cake to the pews. Here are some creative ideas for you regarding how to make the best use of flowers on the most auspicious day of your life.

Centerpieces: Although flower centerpieces are not a new concept brides are actually coming up with new takes in floral focal point. How about placing the fresh flowers in decorated bottles and jam jars? Colored ribbons or lace can even be used to make the old jar look like a pretty vase. You can also metallic tins as they have that vintage look. For country garden theme weddings, it would be great to put mixture of countryside wildflowers in a nicely decorated jug. If it’s a traditional wedding, a tall centerpiece with candles will look beautiful when accessorized with fresh flowers of the season.

Aisles and pew end:  You can tie the small bunches of the wedding flowers to aisle chairs using ribbons for introducing the wedding theme and making the ceremony more beautiful. Lining the aisle with plants in the pot is also a good idea. It brings a touch of outdoors inside. Pew ends conjure up the images of old fashioned arrangements in the churches but if you use flowers for decorating the ceremony space it will give a more personalized look.

Cake decorations: Many brides in Australia ask their decorators to buy and use fresh wedding flowers in Morwell for the purpose of decorating their cakes. This undoubtedly makes the cake look good and beautiful. In fact, a few blooms on the top bring a very simple cake to life. In fact, the brides are seen to provide tips for decorating each of their tiers in order to get that full effect. You can also use flowers for this purpose and to decorate your cake table on your d-day.

Dramatic décor: You can hang big floral arrangements from the ceiling. It will look like floral chandelier.


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