Common Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of Depression

Have you ever experienced a situation where your friend seems to be always gloomy, complaining and negative? Or your sister is being impatient and grouchy and your mother is becoming angrier day by day?

No matter what, if you are noticing a change in your dear and near ones behavior and personality and wondering if they’re suffering from depression, here are a few things, which you should first observe.

The following are basically the symptoms of depression:

  1. Crying out suddenly and unexpectedly
  2. Upon asking they may not be able to tell you the reason for their sadness
  3. Smiles or laughs less or not at all
  4. Have stopped to participate in her personal hobbies
  5. Complaining a lot about having to work
  6. Not doing the jobs that she is supposed to do in her everyday life
  7. Putting oneself down by uttering words like ‘I can’t
  8. Complaining about being guilty of things that she has or hasn’t done
  9. Talking about afterlife, death, selling personal belongings
  10. Passing suicidal comments
  11. Having trouble in making large or small decisions
  12. Fidgeting, tapping, slower reaction time, moving slower
  13. Not being able to sleep properly
  14. Eating more or less than normal
  15. Persistent sadness
  16. Becoming isolated, staying lonely and avoiding others
  17. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  18. Self-harm

These are the most common symptoms of depression. So, if you think your loved ones are experiencing any four or most of them for more than a week, it’s high time that you should consult a psychologist in Bondi.

Depression is not uncommon and in its mildest form people can lead an active and healthy life with the right support and treatment. But in a more severe end, depression may be life-threatening and devastating, so don’t let your dear one go alone through this phase. As soon as you spot the signs get help early from a professional. You can even talk to someone who offers bulk billing counselling in Bondi.


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