In Comparison to Men Women Suffer More from Depression

depression 4There are many psychological differences between males and females. The main difference, which has tuned up more reliably, is prevalence of depression more among women than men. Until the teens, both men and women develop symptoms of depression with same frequency. In fact, boys happen to be more depressed in that stage but once the stage of puberty hits, both of the genders become susceptible to depression. However, females become twice as susceptible to men.

What’s rather interesting is, the gender difference in depression starts winding down among those in their fifties. Depression even seems to be especially a disorder for women at the time of their childbearing stage.

Low stress levels are always present in both men as well as women. However, each gender somewhat reacts to a different away of complexities. Men become more stressed after losing a job than women whereas females become more reactive when they face crises in social network. However, there are a few stresses, which women experience and men don’t. They need to carry out the household work efficiently along with managing their child and holding a paying job.

The bodies of women even respond to stress in a much different way than men. They pour higher levels stress hormones while failing to shut down their production readily. Women’s sex hormone progesterone actually blocks normal ability of stress hormone for turning itself off. Exposure to glucocorticoids basically kills the cells of the brains that are critical to memory.

It is quite bad that through stress system, women are biologically set up for amplifying internally their negative experiences of life. They even get used to it psychologically. Females think more about upsetting situations due to which they keep on having negative feelings and thoughts and they do this especially when they have relationship issues. They feel despair and hopeless in such situations.

Professional counselling in Bondi is the only way out to help women suffering from depression and relationship issues. There are many counsellors who can treat this problem and help the victim lead a normal life.


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