How to Select the Right Therapist for Treating #Anxiety?

AnxietyIf you are suffering from anxiety it is essential to consult the right therapist. Anxiety disorder can affect any people of different age limit. In order to lead a normal life such problems requires special attention and care. While looking for a therapist you have to be sure about your requirements. Different classifications of therapists are available for treating any special type of disorders. The list includes social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, family counsellor, marriage therapist, relationship counsellor, licensed professional counsellor, etc.

Let’s have a look at different classification of therapists.

  • Psychologist: Psychologists are expert in studying human minds and human behavior and are provided with a doctoral degree. They are well trained in counselling, psychological testing and psychotherapy. They are knowledgeable enough to uncover the deep rooted and unknown facts about human mind and unknown issues which creates emotional problems. Psychologists are not provided with license so they cannot prescribe medicine. However, if you are going to hire a psychologist in Bondi then, make sure that the person is highly qualified and experienced. Make sure that the psychologist is specialized in the respective field where you need counselling.
  • Psychiatrist: Psychiatrists are trained in psychotherapy and “speech therapy”. Their main intention is to change the thought pattern of the patient. As they are provided with medical training, they can prescribe medicines if required.
  • Professional counselor: Counsellors are certified persons and are expert in dealing with problems like depression, emotional health, self confidence, marital relationship, stress management, parenting, pregnant women, couple counselling, etc. They are certified and licensed to diagnose and treat various mental and emotional disorders.
  • Social worker: A social worker provides emotional support and guidance for enhancing a person’s psychological and social role in the society. Social workers generally work as a representative of an organization.

Select the right type of therapist depending upon your mental and psychological condition and treat anxiety soon.

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