Steps for Cleaning Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring

alberta-hardwood-flooring-mirage-aged_maple_pralineMany homeowners prefer to use vinyl and linoleum flooring in order to provide a stylish look to their housing. This type of flooring is mainly used in the kitchen and bathroom. The flooring comes within an affordable price and is not very difficult to maintain. Regular cleaning is essential to retain their quality but it is difficult to clean it if you consider it to be a do-it-youself job. In such a situation you can contact a reputed cleaning company that has a vinyl and linoleum care unit.

The steps to be followed while cleaning the vinyl and linoleum flooring are stated here:

  • Do not let your vinyl flooring get overtly dirty from the time of installing them. Avoid spilling anything on the floor and also wipe away the dirt and soiled particles from your shoes before stepping into the room.
  • Sweep away the dry dirt from the floor as soon as you discover them. To get the best result try to use high-quality mop, soap and warm water while sweeping the floor.
  • To avoid roughness and scud marks between the bottom of your furniture and other appliances, use protectors. Make sure that the hot objects are kept away from the vinyl flooring otherwise they may get totally destroyed.
  • In case you discover a stain on the floor, wipe them off using a normal household cleaner. For removing specific stain or dirt you can apply a mixture of bicarbonate soda and water.
  • For cleaning the vinyl flooring inside the bathroom, apply spray that can control the growth of mould and termites.


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