How to Deal with Pregnancy Related Depression?

morning sicknessThough pregnancy is a cheerful situation it is also very much challenging at the same time. If you can skillfully handle the problems related to pregnancy you can enjoy this phase. A woman’s body undergoes various changes as the baby grows within. In this phase a woman may suffer from various physical and psychological problems as well. Some woman can deal with the changes but some cannot and that may lead to depression sometimes. This is a major psychological disorder during pregnancy and must be treated with the help of psychological counselling.

Initially it is important to differentiate between normal mood swing and depression. Generally in the first three months of pregnancy, frequent emotional outburst and mood swings are very common, which must be handled in an empathetic manner. Providing emotional support and simple counselling can help to overcome this situation. Usually a pregnant woman who is depressed shows some common symptoms. Reduced appetite, acute mood fluctuations, sleeping disorder, weight loss, constant anxiety and reduced level of energy are commonly found in a depressed woman.

The causes behind this psychological disorder may occur due to various stressful events in life. Sometimes it can be hereditary or she may have suffered from depression in past. In most cases the women who have suffered from pregnancy related trauma or miscarriage in the recent past usually suffers from depression. Unplanned pregnancy is also a major cause for this condition. It is important to treat early before the situation becomes serious. The mood of the woman can be alleviated with the help of a professional counselor.


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