Tips to Keep the Flowers Fresh for a Longer Period of Time

Flowers wallpapers HD desktop Beautiful back grounds.Flowers are the most delicate gift from the nature’s lap and are used in almost all special occasions. But if you are planning to gift it someone, you should know how to pick it and treat it in order to maintain its freshness and fragrance for a longer period of time. Following certain tips will help you to keep them lively and fresh for a long time.

Some of the tips are discussed here:


  • Pick Your Own Flowers: Always try to pick flowers in the morning or in the evening time as the sugar level in the stem is the highest in this particular time. The best time for plucking flower is the early morning time as the stems of the flowers are filled with water at that time.


  • Exact Time to Pick Flowers: There are many flowers that should be picked when they are half opened bud. But in case of a few flowers like tulip and rose if they are picked too tightly at the budding stage they will never open. Daffodils and Irises should be plucked half opened and you can also experience the pleasure of watching them at the blooming stage. While the marigolds, camellias, gerberas, carnations, dahlias should be picked when they are fully bloomed.


  • Special Treatment: In order to provide the longest life to some flowers special treatments must be given. The flowers that have woody stem like hydrangea, rhododendrons and lilac do not absorb water quickly. In the case of such flowers you can split the end part of the stem for about 2 inches. Then place the stem in s warm water filled container.


  • Conditioning Flowers: This conditioning method is followed by leaving the flowers overnight to drink water. This particular method helps the stems to absorb enough water and allows the flower to become tender.


  • Bulb Flowers: Certain flowers like narcissus, daffodils, tulips, irises, jonquils and hyacinths tend to grow from a bulb. You will observe that a white portion present at the end of the stems. Remove this portion while conditioning and let the green portion of the stem to absorb water.


If you stay in Victoria and want to get flowers, you can either buy it from a nearby store or from an online florist in Latrobe Valley.

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