Stones But No Flowers On Their Grave !!!!

images ndegfJewish place stones on their graves. This is their tradition. But did it ever come to your mind that why do they do so? The Jewish tradition of placing gravels or stones on headstones of deceased is something unique. Although there is no obvious history on the root of this custom, all that can be said is that it is a custom that Jews follow rigorously.


Jews don’t bring sympathy flowers to their graveyard. Actually, their caskets cannot be made up of any metal and in fact, it is on the basis of the same ground that a Jewish wedding band does not contain any precious stone. It must be gold bands.


The Jewish values generally try to avoid the customs, which distinguish a rich from a poor. According to their culture, weddings and funerals must be the same for all. Although this custom is rarely followed in weddings, it has a very important value at funerals. They believe in the fact that we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it.


There are only two cultures in the world that do not allow the use of flowers at the funerals or at the time of private visitations in the grave. One is the Jews do you know who is the other one? Any guesses?! It’s the Muslims. According to both the Jews and Muslims, flowers are an expensive item and withers quickly and so they are not to be used when the person deceases. However, Christian customs allow flowers when visiting a grave or a funeral. In fact, most of the Christians living in Morwell order for wreaths online and get the service of flower delivery in Morwell the day they want.





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